Quinceañera Information

The Catholic Community of St. Mary of the Assumption congratulates you on your decision to celebrate your Quinceañera in the Catholic Church. The basic outline of the process appears below:

1.  Fill out a  English Form or Spanish Form

2.   Call the rectory (805) 922-5826 and request an appointment with the parish priest or with the priest on duty.


3.   Meet with the priest: the parents and their daughter must come to the appointment. Please bring the following documents:


-The completed Quinceañera Questionnaire.

-A copy of your Baptism Certificate.

-A copy of your First Communion Certificate.

-A copy of your Confirmation Certificate or proof of enrollment.


-A deposit of $100 in cash (non-refundable) to reserve the date.


4.   Fulfill the financial requirements. The fees for the event are listed below.

We ask for a deposit of $100 to secure the date of your Quinceañera. In case of a cancelation, the deposit is refundable within the 10 days of receipt. This deposit will be collected on the day of your appointment with the priest. The balance must be paid off at the rectory one week prior to the day of the event.  The Quinceañera class & rehearsal fee is $75.00 (cash), payable to the coordinator the day of the class along with any outstanding balanced owed. For the deposit, donation, and class/practice fees we accept only cash or personal check.


In general, the financial requirements include the following:



Donation to the Church (includes deposit)        $300 

Quinceañera Coordinator                                    $80                                       

Altar Servers  (2=$10 each)                               $20                                                  

Total Financial Obligation                                 $400   (paid in full 30 days  before Quinceañera)                                   


  • To receive registered parishioner privileges in our parish, by giving of your time, talents and treasures, you must be an active, registered parishioner for at least a full year from the date of registration. Thank you for your honesty and cooperation. We ask that you not register with the intent to obtain the lower rate.


* If you wish to have music/choir, florist, photographer and/or camera person, it is your responsibility to make financial arrangements directly with them.


5. Fulfill all requirements for the ceremony and attend a preparation class and rehearsal for  the Quinceañera:



You are entirely responsible for arranging the music for your celebration. If you plan to have music for the ceremony, you must consult first with the priest during the initial interview and also make it know to the event coordinator. The basic principle to keep in mind for planning the music is that the songs are to be religious and in accordance with the celebration.



Decoration of the Church interior is permitted. However, do not do anything that will damage the walls, floors, or church pews. Thumb tacks, adhesive tape, staples and wire are not allowed.  Nor is the use of carpet in the center aisle allowed, because it deteriorates the flooring of the church. No floral arches o floral gardens are allowed in the aisle nor in front of the altar. For security purposes, the throwing of flowers, petals, rice or seeds is not permitted inside or outside the church. Decorations must be placed at the ends of the pews. If you like, you can leave the flowers in the church for Sunday Mass. It is your responsibility to inform the florist about these regulations.



All photographers must contact the event coordinator to go over the Rules for Photography, either during the rehearsal or before the event itself. Generally, photos are allowed during the ceremony from any section of the church, except for the sanctuary or the altar. Only one photographer and one videographer are permitted per quinceañera. Flash photography and camera lights are not allowed. Portrait photography inside the church is not permitted after the ceremony; these must be taken outside the church before and after the ceremony or during the reception. All photography must not in any way interfere with the religious ceremony. Please make sure the photographer is informed about our rules.


Mandatory class and rehearsal

The class is conducted by Gisela Rendon. She will call you to give you the time and date of   the class and rehearsal, or you may contact her at 922-9958. Usually, rehearsal is scheduled for the day or two before the quinceañera unless there is a conflict with other scheduled parish events. For the class, it is required that the birthday girl, her parents and honorary godparents attend. The honorary chamberlain and grandparents of the birthday girl are not required to attend unless they want to. The rest of the retinue must not attend the class, but attendance is mandatory to the rehearsal. Everyone must be on time to the class and/or rehearsal.


6. Schedule and participate in your rehearsal.


7.  Go to confession at least one week before the Quinceañera. As part of the preparation for the event, if anyone is to receive communion during the celebration, it is recommended that the birthday girl, her family and retinue go to confession at least one week before, during normal confession time. We recommend that the quinceañera and her family encourage the retinue to comply with the sacrament of reconciliation. If someone is coming from out of town, make sure to let them know that they can go to confession at their own parish, in order to avoid any inconveniences. The priest at this parish is not available to listen to confessions outside the normal scheduled times. There are no confessions during or after the rehearsal, the night before, or the morning of the celebration, no exceptions. Please plan ahead and don’t wait until the last moment.


8.  Celebrate your Quinceañera.


We are looking forward to helping you through this process of preparation and to the celebration of your Quinceañera. If you have any questions, please ask them at the end of your interview with the priest.


*  You are responsible for paying any music/choirs, florists, photographers or videographers that you pick.