Volunteering in a Ministry


Process for signing up as a Parish Volunteer


  1. Come to the rectory to fill out a Volunteer Application and a Guidelines for Interaction with Minors Form.
  2. Go through an interview 
  3. Take a Form with you to make an appointment to be fingerprinted.
  4. Attend a Virtus class.
  5. Finally, once you submit your Virtus certificate and fingerprinting form to the rectory, an authorization for service email will be sent to your ministry/organization leader so that you can begin serving!

Safeguard the Children Program

St. Mary of the Assumption Parish has implemented the Safeguard the Children program in accordance with Archdiocesan mandated guidelines. This program has set for itself the goal of ensuring that ALL children and teenagers below the age of 18 years entrusted to any parish sponsored program will be properly supervised and safe from physical, emotional, and psychological abuse.

Therefore, ALL personnel and volunteers MUST BE:

  • Fingerprinted
  • Virtus Certified